trap address:
nop address: outside

Legend: player 1 is red player 2's blue nop pawn is cyan, trap pawn is magenta, In remote setting both players can move each other's controls so its up to you to coordinate whos turn is it.
How to play the web version the dice rolls are automatic, you can see their values int he history, press the active player's button and it will execute the current instruction and step to the next one (following the jump), if you want to save the game copy the value from the game state, and then you can load it. It will promt you to enter a number when the instruction has ✎ and then use that number.
List of all game valid instructions with machine code 0 to 4095 (RV32 JRI operating on a0,a4,a5,sp,ra) 0x00000013 (19) addi zero, zero, 0
0x00000033 (51) add zero, zero, zero
0x00000067 (103) jalr zero, zero, 0
0x0000006f (111) jal zero, 0
0x00000093 (147) addi ra, zero, 0
0x000000b3 (179) add ra, zero, zero
0x000000e7 (231) jalr ra, zero, 0
0x000000ef (239) jal ra, 0
0x00000113 (275) addi sp, zero, 0
0x00000133 (307) add sp, zero, zero
0x00000167 (359) jalr sp, zero, 0
0x0000016f (367) jal sp, 0
0x00000513 (1299) addi a0, zero, 0
0x00000533 (1331) add a0, zero, zero
0x00000567 (1383) jalr a0, zero, 0
0x0000056f (1391) jal a0, 0
0x00000593 (1427) addi a1, zero, 0
0x000005b3 (1459) add a1, zero, zero
0x000005e7 (1511) jalr a1, zero, 0
0x000005ef (1519) jal a1, 0
0x00000613 (1555) addi a2, zero, 0
0x00000633 (1587) add a2, zero, zero
0x00000667 (1639) jalr a2, zero, 0
0x0000066f (1647) jal a2, 0
0x00000713 (1811) addi a4, zero, 0
0x00000733 (1843) add a4, zero, zero
0x00000767 (1895) jalr a4, zero, 0
0x0000076f (1903) jal a4, 0
0x00000793 (1939) addi a5, zero, 0
0x000007b3 (1971) add a5, zero, zero
0x000007e7 (2023) jalr a5, zero, 0
0x000007ef (2031) jal a5, 0

sound fx volume: brightness: | background music:  

game state, you can copy to save and paste to load your saved games:

Test your paper game state if you are not sure what is going to happen, populate the values from your paper and click load, this will create a new game with those values preloaded
# is comment, you dont need to add it, just 2188:6 is enough to set the value at memory address 2188 to 6.
this is an example:
debug history, copy and paste if you want to replay it (clears the game state):