The UNIX Pipe Card Game

This is a card game for teaching kids how to combine unix commands through pipes.

This game assumes the parent knows the basic unix commands: cat, grep, tail, head, wc, sort, uniq. The parent should show also show those commands in action the computer as well, if you do not have any UNIX system you can use jslinux in your browser.
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If you want to play the more difficult version, you can also get the Expansion pack: UNIX Pipe Game - Process Substitution

Example game round:
task: print the most common line from a file, we need to first cat the file (in our case the file is card 03.txt), then sort it, uniq count it, then do numeric sort, then tail -1:

cat 03.txt | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | tail -1


> 0. The youngest player chooses one of
  two formats for the game:

* Whoever has the smallest pipe chain to 
  complete the task wins the round.
* Whoever has the largest pipe chain to 
  complete the task wins the round.

> 1. The youngest player picks a task
  from the tasks card. You can not pick
  the same task twice.

> 2. Shuffle the cards.

> 3. Put the cards face down on the

> 4. Going clockwise each player picks
  the top card from the deck and tries 
  to complete the task.

> 5. The first player who completes the
  task gets a point.

> 6. IF there are no more tasks, GOTO 8

> 7. GOTO 1.



  * print the second line

  * print the second to last line

  * print the 7th line

  * print the most common line

  * print the least common line

  * count how many lines have "rises"

  * print the first line that has W in it

  * count the lines that have "in" in them

  * show two random lines

  * count the words on the last two lines

  * print the 7th and 8th line

  * count the lines with !

  * count the lines without !

  * make a command chain that does not
    print anything
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