This a list of games and puzzles I made to teach my kid programming.

Programming Time: teach python and some more fundamental algorithms, from hash tables to RSA.
The C Pointer Game - Pointers, Arrays, and Strings: a game designed to teach about computer memory and understanding references and values.
4917: a puzzle aimed at teaching kids about machine code and how the CPU interacts with memory and registers.
The Unix Pipes Game: designed to teach the use of basic UNIX commands like cat, sort, grep, head, tail, wc, uniq.
The Unix Pipes Game - Process Substitution: an extension of the Unix Pipes Game, teaches process substitution and commands like paste, tr, cut, bc.
RunLength Encoding for Kids: a small card game designed to explain runlength encoding.
PUNK0: The Function Composition Card Game, where cards are used to manipulate a list and use its values to win the game.
PANIC: collection of small programs to make fun of computers.
PROJEKT: OVERFLOW: a RISCV assembler boardgame. I made this game to teach my daughter how buffer overflows work, you win by hacking your opponent and forcing them to jump to game_over().
Programming for kids: a log of my journey of teaching my daughter how to code.
CALC: Single button calculator (a morse code python repl).
Rock Solid: egg drop challenge, fastest egg wins.

if you have ideas about new games, please contact me at punkx@fastmail.com.